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Our Long Story in Short

We at Technikk are a team of young and enthusiast developers engaged in providing services as well as developing our own products. Established in 2014 by the idea of providing a high end services to the client ,we also started developing our own products.

Our Vision :- To become a leading service provider keeping in mind customer satisfaction with cutting edge technology.

What do we actually do?

The best Service in the Market‏

Priceless UX

User Experience is one of the most important part for any project to be completed. Here atTechnikk we not only develop things but also keep in mind the experience the user will have with product developed by us. We do this by keeping ourself in the user’s place. This way we are able to achieve high quality work.

Ultra-Light Code

For any project a perfect balance of code is needed. Too much complexy might increase error and simillary if there is less code then it might fail working and so a perfection is the most important thing needed. And so we keep our code ultra light but perfectly balanced to keep your businees running smoothly and in efficient manner.

Top-Norch Design

There is a saying that “First impression is the last impression” and chances that the client will buy you increases with that good first impression.Thus here we believe in providing you with the solution to make your first impression the everlasting one.

Areas of Expertise
Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
Need Explanation?
Web designing itself has many divisions which include but not limited to web graphics design, interface design , including standardised code , user experience design ,SEO. Here atTechnikk we do provide these services with efficient and cutting edge technology.
We here atTechnikk use a systematic and a procedure oriented development methodology. This helps us to maintain the progress the status and concurrent development.
Will you buy a thing if you don’t have a good experience with it. I guess no. Thus UX(User Experience) and (UI)User Interface are the most key important thing for making the users feel good.

What are our Ideologies


The main ideaology that we follow within Technikk is client satisfaction. As only if the customer is satisfyied he will continue to have a long and healthy relationship with us.

Working culture

The culture here atTechnikk is very transparent and friendly. Care is taken to provide members of Technikk family all the facilities needed in order to accomplish the task.


We consider our client the most important part of our Technikk family and so all the datas that are provided by the client are kept confidential and are never revealed to any other person or client.

Our Team

We are a team of core and enthusiastic developers having our skills ranging from Mobile application development to Web Development to SEO and branding. Our team consists of members who are highly skilled and have good expertise in their .


We as a fresh start up believe that the only way we can progress is by providing the developers and other employees all the necessary tools and technology that is needed by them to make development comfortable and hassle free.


With increased pace in the technology your business also needs to be updated. And so here we provide you with the latest cutting edge technology.




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